The LightSheer DESIRE by lumenis is an effective, fast and comfortable way to permanently remove hair/ have permanent hair reduction- and is suitable for all skin types, for men and for women a standard of aesthetic procedure recognised globally.

We treat most parts of the face and body area (please see price list for more information). The advanced technology of the dual light wavelengths targets and destroys the hair follicles, without damaging the skin surrounding the target area.

The treatment can last between minutes to hours depending on the area, and all procedures are administered by an experienced and knowledgeable *** . Usually we offer 6 laser hair removal treatments as a package for optimising the treatment, individually our client’s hair journey will be made clear after a skin patch test at our free consultations.
Patient safety, comfort.

With the added benefit of reducing wrinkles, pigmented lesions.

Lumenis/ lightsheer Laser Hair Removal Oxford

Before and aftercare information will be provided.

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Before and after: After 3 Treatments

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