A Dosette Box is a disposable plastic tray that separates your medicines into individual compartments for different times of the day for each day of the week. Each box contains a full week’s medication labelled up with days and times to help you remember to take the correct medicines at the correct time of the day.

Advantages Of A Dosette Box

At times of illness it is important to take medicines in the correct doses and at the correct times. This can be a cause of distress for those who struggle to remember medications or who find it confusing due to the amount of medications they are taking. A Dosette Box eases the stress of remembering to take your medicines at the right frequency and at the right time of day.

The clearly marked compartments on a Dosette Box help with making sure your medicines are taken correctly, making sure that your treatment plan is effective as possible. A Dosette Box can also take away the confusion of adjusting your medication when you doctor wants you to gradually change your dosage over a period of time. Your pharmacist will dispense the correct doses of medicine into each compartment. A Dosette Box is particularly helpful for patients with memory problems, but can also help any patient facing a complex treatment plan.

A Dosette Box is also a great help to those who are cared for by a team of people. The Dosette Box reduces the possibility of communication breakdowns, with each carer being able to see clearly which medications have been taken.

Further Information

If you feel that you, or someone you care for, could benefit from a Dosette Box then please call to discuss your needs with the pharmacist.

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